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  2. jimi jones

    Really Nice vlog post, Jason.

    The editing and the use of loops to drive home certain points struck me as a great strategy. Really informative content as well.

    Keep vlogging dude! :-)

  3. Austin Light

    Totally agree. The WordPress community is amazing. The versatility of the platform is where it shines, and I think we'll see some cool things from it in the future.

    Also, I'm liking your vlogs so far. The quick cuts and random bits make it more fun to watch than just a dude talking to his computer. Keep it up.

  4. minimumfailure

    I've been running WordPress from the start. It's a system that allows everyone, beginners to experts, to participate. You can do the least and just post blogs, you can innovate and design on top of templates, or design your own…

    Micro-blogging is so popular because you can't get in that much trouble for a tweet, meanwhile it doesn't take that much of an investment to write 140 letters or less.

    As people get more and more web savvy, they're going to feel more comfortable putting more and more of their thoughts out there. I think an Ethic will develop among the culture that expects people to explain themselves, and anybody whose anybody will have a blog where they can do that.

    All that said, bloggers will always be geeky. Even if you're a rock star doing it, too.

  5. hhindle

    Jason…so cool. I actually watched the entire thing and rewound it for the really good parts. Thank you!!!

    And to think…we met via a WordPress blog.

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