What’s it like to commute on an NYC subway during rush hour?

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NYC Subway

Well, it can be simple for some, but many of the lines get so crowded that the best term I can come up with is a “hot mess.” I am actually one of the lucky ones. I do not HAVE to get to an office at a certain time. But so many of my friends do. And if you have to take the 4,5,6 during rush hour. Well, I am sorry. I owe you a hug, so does Manhattan.

Saw this series of tweets this morning from @MarkB and knew they had to be shared. This comes pretty damn close to explaining the experience. But until you get smashed up against your fellow New Yorkers for 20-30 minutes, I really must say, you probably are not going to fully grasp this wonderful experience. Still, worth a read.