Twestivus for the Rest of Us

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Twestival (Twitter Festival) is a global charity event happening in some 200 cities across the world. It is being organized by volunteers only and all money goes directly to Charity : Water.

The Charlotte Twestival is at Cans Bar in 4 days and promises to be a rockin’ time. 50 tickets sold already. Why should you come out?

  • Provide clean water to people in the world in need
  • Ticket prizes for all, from $5 (limited time only) to $100, whatever you can afford
  • Wii competitions
  • $500 cruise raffle prize
  • 106.5 the End, End Sessions ticket prizes
  • Scuba certification raffle prize
  • Chair Massages
  • VIP section
  • Local celebs Terri Bennett, Jack Daniels, and an anonymous Mermaid
  • Charlotte’s largest Tweetup yet

If you are unable to attend, but would like to contribute to the cause, feel free to visit the site a buy a ticket as your donation.

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