Tweeting From The Emergency Room

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emergency-roomI went to the emergency room this morning at 7am.

I was in severe pain. Could not walk, eat, drink, and could barely talk on the phone to my friends and family. I even learned what hyperventilating was like.

But most importantly, I was reminded of the best in people, online and off. That alone made it a good day.

I Will Likely Marry a Nurse

My first Tweet from the hospital was inspired by the nurses whose care I was in. “I hate hospitals but nurses are some of my favorite people‚Ķ”

I am always amazed at the kindness they shower upon patients. I rarely have been in the care of a nurse who did not improve my mood. Their gifts of listening and empathy never fail to impress. And all while working long, long hour surrounded by death and disease.

And, of course, my nurses were very curious when I tried to plug in my iPhone charger while they plugged an IV into my arm. I even taught them a little about Twitter.

The Currency of Connections

Many would view a hospital visit as too personal of a moment to share with the world, must less tweet about.

So why share such a personal moment?

Relationships are about investing in each other. Sharing personal experiences is a piece of that investment. I learned a long time ago that vulnerability can be an asset. When we allow others to see our weaknesses, we form more rewarding relationships.

Privacy is important online. All of us draw personal boundaries with what we choose to share with our online communities. But there is also a high value in deepening the relationships with genuine glimpses of life.

That Which Makes Me Stronger

So the day ends with me and my new friend, a kidney stone, working out our separation from one another. Painful? Yes. But not life threatening.

And I gained more than just my new friend Mr. Stone today. I was reminded of the best in people, online and off. I am always thankful for that.

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  1. Name

    Very nice, and very true, thanks for posting on Twitter, and hope you feel better, or have those stones lasered! Nice to know that in spite of human life's difficulties that you can see the good in those around you, glad I follow your tweets…Blessings

  2. Philena

    I ping'd from hospitals, libraries, etc. Heck from the toilet. I really don't give a blip. Well, sometimes I give alot of blips. :P

  3. Beth Harte

    OUCH! Hope you're okay now Jason.

    You know I totally agree with you…but there are so many people (especially folks who work in business) that don't get this simple, but, oh so important aspect of personal AND professional relationships. For years we've been taught that our personal lives don't belong in our professional lives…and yet we spend 8 or more hours a day in the office. Go figure.

    Hopefully with more examples like yours more folks will realize that it's not a bad thing to mix the two. ;-)

    Beth Harte
    Community Manager, MarketingProfs

  4. jakrose

    I am soldiering through. Thanks Beth.

    I think tools like blogs and Twitter make it much easier to find a healthier balance between the personal and professional. And having a supportive community only encourages it as well.

  5. Jessica (@kikarose)

    So glad they figured out what was wrong and that it wasn't life threatening!
    Hospital visits can be a scary thing, good thing you can take your tweeple pretty much anywhere. Just another great aspect of Twitter!