The Democratization of Advertising

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The Democratization of Advertising

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  1. The Democratization of Advertising
  2. Santa Claus is Real
  3. YES Kids Love Santa.
  4. Mostly
  5. YES Adults Love Santa.
  6. EVEN Dogs Love Santa.
  7. Just One Problem
  8. NOW Everybody is Santa.
  9. HOW Does the Original Santa Keep Up?
  10. Psst. Santa = Advertising Just go with it.
  11. Santa needs A New Sleigh
  12. Maybe even a New Suit
  13. OK Enough Bad Metaphors
  14. WHAT Does All This Social Media Crap Mean for Advertising?
  15. Long Story Short… Advertising MUST CHANGE
  16. The Audience is Bored
  17. They are Sheep No More
  18. It is Now About Community
  19. They Want Innovation
  20. They Want to be Involved
  21. WHERE Should Advertising Evolve?
  22. Consumers Are The Advertisers. The Media Channels. The Content Producers. Empowered.
  23. STOP Being An Advertising Company
  24. START Becoming A Media Company
  25. START Becoming A Technology Company
  26. Train companies. Don’t just train companies, reinvent them. Remove silos. Hire social experts. Build communities. Stop being the middle man. Start connecting brands to new opportunities. Experiment. Create media. Own media outlets. Teach media. Build
  27. Some Simple Examples
  28. Compare Old and New Twitter vs. NY Times Enough Eye Balls For You?
  29. Question the Status Quo
  30. Old Ideas with New Tools Endorsements, influencers, and free samples…
  31. Media with Conversation
  32. Mindcomet Sent Blogs to Space
  33. Pepsi Innovates at Events
  34. Fallon Built Social Software
  35. BestBuy Opens Silos With Twitter Service
  36. Dachis Opens their Communication
  37. HOW Are You Changing the Future of Advertising?
  38. Thank You,, @jakrose

4 Responses

  1. mikegibbons

    Jason – wow I am just trying my wings on stuff like this and then POW realize I am so the “grasshopper”

  2. Mike McCready

    This is a great slide presentation that I will plan on sharing. You might find this video I wrote a post about interesting. The video is called Social Media ROI: Socialnomics.

  3. jakrose

    Glad I could offer some insight and value. That is the goal for me. We are all in an education cycle hopefully. The important thing is just to keep that cycle moving in a forward direction.

  4. jakrose

    Thanks Mike. Added to my media consumption to do list. Glad you plan on sharing the slide show. Can't get much more of an endorsement than that.