Keynote Speaker

Jason Keath brings incredibly practical and useful information to the audiences he speaks to. His focus is on creativity — how to make yourself, your organization and your marketing more creative, inventive, and fresh.

Jason has spoken in front of thousands of business owners, marketers, and corporations. From keynoting digital conferences in Europe, to giving talks on creativity and innovation to Salesforce and HubSpot, to sharing content marketing insights with leading entrepreneurs in Vegas.

Jason taps into the pulse of today’s rapidly expanding business ecosystem — with practical steps, not just fluff. He does not just speak about brainstorming, advertising, or social media — he speaks to why and how whole industries are shifting and how businesses can be empowered by these transitions. And what they should do next.

Bring in Jason Keath to speak to your audience about creativity and how a more innovative workforce equals better business. Invite Jason to keynote your conference and present about how social media  is shifting the rules of business and specifics on how to take advantage. Jason shows business owners and marketers how to capitalize on the new reality of a today’s connected world.

Email speaking AT socialfresh DOT com invite Jason to speak.

Jason is CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media training company. At Social Fresh, Jason is afforded a very unique insight into the industry of social media. On a daily basis he interacts with large brands, small businesses, leading industry vendors, and the agencies big and small that are shaping the space.

Jason is a thought leader in the industry. He has hosted and spoken at the industry’s top events. He is quoted on the topic of social media by top publications like the NY Times, USA Today, ABC, NPR, and the Washington Post on a regular basis. As well as appearing on national TV, like MSNBC and PBS, to speak about social media.

When Jason speaks to a group of business owners or marketers, they will not only learn something new and be inspired to experiment in the social media space, they will receive actionable steps to help them implement the latest best practices right away.

A Sample of Jason’s Previous Presentations

  • HubSpot #INBOUND14 – The Power of 60 Hour Content
  • EO Alchemy 2014, Las VegasThe Solution to Content Envy
  • Mosaic NYC – Simple Steps For Unlocking Your Creative Genius
  • Lexis Nexus – Social Advertising Best Practices
  • HubSpot #INBOUND13 “Bold Talks” Opening Speaker – Why You Suck At Brainstorming
  • Florida Public Relations Association – Influencer Marketing
  • NYU – Understanding Influencer Outreach
  • Internet Hungary Keynote (Europe) – The Future of Location Based Marketing
  • Southwest Airlines – How To Make Your Customers Love You
  • BlogWorld –  How To Leverage Influence and Game Mechanics for Loyalty
  • Likeable U – Better Corporate Blogging
  • Facebook Sessions by Webtrends – The State of Social Media

Speaking Topics

Below are some of Jason’s most requested speaking topics.

  1. Happy Collisions The Art and Science of Innovation, Finding Your Next Big Idea
  2. Why You Suck At Brainstorming Understanding Where Ideas Come From
  3. Community As Your Secret Revenue Weapon: How Empowering The Crowd Is All That Matters
  4. The Social Advertising Ecosystem: The Key To Leveraging The World’s Largest Social Networks for Business Results
  5. Blogging For Business: Content Marketing Is A Business Smart Bomb
  6. Influencer Outreach: Building A Word of Mouth Army
  7. Location Based Marketing: More Than Just Check-ins
  8. The Future of Agencies in a Social Media World
  9. Pinterest: How To Leverage the Next Big Thing In Social Media

Email speaking AT socialfresh DOT com to invite Jason to speak