Slick Overstock Options Kept Me On Their List

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I signed up for an coupon when I moved. I never used it. But I got into their email newsletter list. I like the site and might end up buying something there soon, but I got a little tired of their emails. They were coming too often. So I clicked unsubscribe and was presented with frequency options. This tiny detail kept me on their list as I switched to monthly. Smart.

4 Responses

  1. RichTucker -

    I like it… I wonder if Blue Sky Factory will let us do that…

  2. DJ Waldow

    The classic “Opt Down.” LOVE it. Great example from Overstock. Those guys really understand email marketing. They also happen to be HQ’d in the 801!nnDJ WaldownDirector of Community, Blue Sky Factorynhttp://www.blueskyfactory.comn@djwaldow

  3. DJ Waldow

    I will check on that now!

  4. DJ Waldow

    Great news: This is possible to do in Blue Sky Factory. I’d be happy to connect you with your client service manager if you want more details. Let me know.