New ‘Quirky’ is Crowdsourcing on Crack

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Kluster is a cool crowdsourcing community that launched at TED 2 years ago and fosters community collaboration on a unique level. Members submitted problems, suggested solutions, and voted to guide the creation of all kinds of products.

It was wide open, with little direction, creating everything from copywriting to website design to industrial design and more. Since then kluster has tried to focus on more niche collaboration communities and today their newest effort, quirky, went live.

Quirky is focused on industrial and product design, and takes design collaboration to a new level. Creating new products, designing that next cool gadget, is how kluster started. Quirky builds on that idea, the thought that a group of creative people can combine unique ideas to solve simple problems, and profit from them together.

Got some undervalued  design skills? Constantly writing down ideas for inventions or new products? Give quirky a go and share your ideas with the world.

Their first product, the slingback, is already for sale. They describe it as the first universal cord retractor. I personally could use a half dozen of these. If industrial designers and idea folk embrace the concept of this community, the possibibillities seem very cool for quirky.


Kluster also brought us the copywriter’s playground that is, another favorite collaboration community.

I dig quirky because it brings an idea platform to the masses, a true outlet. Anyone can take an idea that may better the world, or maybe just improve the modern mousetrap, and share it with the world. Our collective intelligence gets a little more collective with sites like this.

And just imagine what they can do if they team up with charities, helping to design that next great mwater purifyer or mosquito deterent.

4 Responses

  1. Kelli Masilun

    I had never heard of Quirky. Thanks for introducing it to me. Great concept

  2. Jeremy

    Wow, you must have some listening devices in my house Jason. My “idea list” is sitting right next to my laptop right now. Looking forward to playing with quirky.

    PS They should create a cartoon Edison as their mascot.

  3. Jason

    thanks for the review!!

  4. jakrose

    Jason, did you work on the slingback, or just a fan?