5 Great Ways to Use Pinterest

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What do sculptors, jet setters, philosophers, foodies, and collectors have in common?

They can all make great use of Pinterest, the pinboard-channeling new social network. With a stream-lined interface, and plenty of opportunity to engage with and get inspiration from other Pinterest users, there are an endless number of creative ways to use the new site.

Here are five of our favorites:

1. Collector’s Showcase

Hobbyists and special-interest enthusiasts can put Pinterest to good use by uploading pictures from your personal collection, or collecting images from around the web. Whether you collect salt and pepper shakers, stamps, or just love the look of cupcakes, you can proudly display your special interests and hobbies using Pinterest.

2. Sage Scrapbook

If only we had a pen for every time someone said something insightful. Thankfully, Pinterest allows you to keep all those sage words of advice in one place. Great for philosophers, writers, or anyone who loves meditating on a thought-provoking quote, Pinterest is an ideal platform for storing inspiring quotes and categorizing them for an effortless pick-me-up anytime.

3. Digital Cookbook

Now we’re not sure about you, but our cookbooks are dog-eared, stained with pasta sauce and threatening to give at the seams. We’ve got recipes tucked away on notecards hiding among its pages only to disappear right when we need them (of course!). Finally, Pinterest lets us store all those recipes—and future dishes we find around the web—all in one easy-to-maneuver place. It’s a great spot to store grocery store lists, and entertaining tips as well.

4. Artist’s Muse

Don’t wait for the muse to strike—be proactive and fashion a Pinterest board to channel creativity. Pin your favorite art pieces, colors, lyrics, and photos to create a digital inspiration board. It might be exactly what you need to get that paintbrush moving.

5. Travel Itinerary

Let Pinterest help you plan your next trip. Whether you want to go to Bali, San Diego, or the Arctic, Pinterest can help you keep all of your travel dreams in one spot. Think of it as a beautiful digital bucket list of all the places you hope to one day go. You can pin articles about great restaurants, sights, and killer hotels. Plus, you can take pictures of your jaunts and pin ‘em up post trip.

How do you use Pinterest? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Anonymous

    What are your thoughts on using Pinterest as a marketing tool?

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  • LuisFernando VasquezMontoya

    I love Pinterest, for long time I ignored it and now its my perfect new toy on the internet!u00a0

  • We have started to test Pinterest for XinXii. Our pinboards are perfect inspiration for indie authors. Pinterest offers the possibility to express visually the philosophy of XinXii u2013 namely, to support the indie authors when writing, publishing and marketing their books.nnhttp://www.pinterest.com/xinxiinhttp://www.pinterest.com/xinxii_en

  • Clive Roach

    Great post. I collect Pictures of some of the great natural wonders that I have seen bad taken a photo of and of others that other people have been lucky enough to have photographed.

  • Thanks for sharing. u00a0One that I didn’t see you list was using it as a tool for personal branding. u00a0It seems like a great tool for self-expression, and I could easily see people using Pinterest as an online portfolio.

  • Really an interesting and informative post. All you tips are very helpful and Pinterest in top online brand u00a0in 2012.nn

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  • @dougsymon

    I document user experience problems.

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  • Great suggestions and reminder to organize those boards a little better for a more effortless pick-me up.  

  • Well that gives me food for thought! Recipes!! And travel – yes two very good subjects for Pinterest.  In fact on that we shall start maybe with scrummy ideas and recipes first! Perfectly visual! We use Pinterest for our fashion ideas, inspirations and of course to share our maternity designs!

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  • Created a board of all the places I’ve ever lived.  Sort of a digital memory book to share with family and eventually my kids.

  • ClaireC

    Where can I get photos to include in my blog post to then be shared on Pinterest that does not violate the terms of use? In trying to explore this it seems that there are no safe sources. Crediting back to the source in my original blog post – this gets removed when pinned. So does this mean that I have to be the original photographer? It seems like I can’t even create a custom image with a partial image from a typical low cost stock photo site. HELP.

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