NASCAR meets Social Media

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For those of you who are fans of Twitter and NASCAR, the NASCAR Tweetup was built for you (aka Ultimate Race Day). It is at Whiskey River this weekend and is free, go RSVP right now. Not convinced? Read on…

Twitter and NASCAR are not the most natural of friends at first glance, but if nothing else, they are two of the fastest forms of entertainment. Sporting events all over the country are embracing Twitter. In the past month in North Carolina alone, we have seen our NHL, NBA, and PGA event all embrace Twitter in big ways. It is great to see, but the real money in Charlotte sports is racing. Don’t worry, there is plenty of racing folks finally embracing the microblogging format, even the (still under construction) NASCAR Hall of Fame is sending out tweets.

We are in the middle of Speed Week in Charlotte (actually two weeks long), which means a few hundred thousand race fans are in town embracing their love of all things stock car. They shut down Uptown Charlotte for a few days for a street festival called Speed Street. See Speed Street/Twitter giveaway.

Now I am not sure how many people on Twitter are NASCAR fans or vice versa. But this weekend, the first NASCAR Tweetup is happening at Dale Jr’s very Whishkey River Bar. I am not a huge race fan, but I would not miss the opportunity to network at such a unique get together. The event is being put together by Stephanie Agresta, who also cofounded TechSet, a social media and technology event series.

Come out and enjoy the NASCAR Tweetup, meet some cool people, and embrace your inner Race Fan.

2 Responses

  1. edwardboches

    Cool that more events are using Twitter. My agency, Mullen, did big Twitter experiences around Superbowl and Academy Awards. However, most of the sporting events are simply using Twitter as a broadcast mechanism. The follow few back, they rarely respond, there's no conversation. Not that that seems to bother fans who simply want more content about their favorite sport, but the events are missing big opportunities to build communities, interact with followers, convert to ticket or merchandise buyers or turn into evangelists.

  2. jijisun

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