Justin Bieber Gives The Late Show 10,000 Twitter Followers With 2 Tweets

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What do these numbers really mean? I have no clue. But David Letterman’s @Late_Show Twitter account got quite a large bump, from 40,000 to 50,000 followers, from the Twitter and pop star, Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber).

Justin Bieber Late Show Tweets

Bieber appeared on the Late Show Monday night, January 31st. Bieber’s tweets went out earlier in the day when the show tapes. And he was tweeting even more about the Late Show as the episode aired. Bieber has almost 7 million followers on Twitter. So that 10k is roughly .1% of his audience.

The Late Show Twitter Stats

So all you have to do to get 10,000 Twitter followers in a day is… Nevermind. There is no real lesson here. It’s just pretty cool.

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  1. Anil Gupta

    Its really cool! May be he is trying to encourage things! I often see Russell crowe and several celebrities, tweeting messages that ask for help or in need or have something useful purpose. Its really a great job by all these people!