How To Find What You Are Good At

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“How do you find what you are good at?” is the wrong question.

The hard truth is we all suck in the beginning.

And that’s ok. It is a default status you cannot control.

We are not born with talents or gifts typically.

We may be born with access or with good parents. We may be born without these things.

What we are born with is the ability to decide.

To choose.

To commit.

You don’t find what you are good at.

You decide what you want to be good at, you do it, and you never stop doing it.

Good comes from doing.

  • This is Gospel !

  • Awesome!


    word, dude – usually our talents/passions find us or are within us already. there are a million and one reasons not to pursue something you want. that fear/anxiety/tendency never subsides, but i think one’s talents constantly nudge them. it’s a matter of embracing and facilitating, and overcoming the anxiety/laziness of what’s rightfully yours.

  • Thanks Mary!

  • I appreciate that Neeraj!

  • Thanks. Agreed. Everyone has talent if they decide to focus and grit out the work needed to get there. It is an internal decision that drives our external actions and creates what others see as talent.

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