Fund Your Next Music Album With Kickstarter

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I just donated to the next album for Hoots and Hellmouth (, one of my favorite bands.

They want to put out another great album, without a label, and as many bands are doing, turned to their fans for help. And to organize it all, they are using the project funding too Kickstarter

I am loving some of the things getting attention via Kickstarter. It is a killer platform. This just makes it even more special.

They needed $6,000. They have $21,000+ as of this writing. Pretty cool right?

Some other things I noticed. Of there almost 200 supports, they are averaging $100+ per person. They have over 13 fans that donated $1,000 and up.

Check out their Kickstarter page to see how their passionate fans responded, their creative incentive packages, and how they kept the energy going once they reached their first goal.