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hermionewayHermione Way (@HermioneWay) is an entrepreneur and journalist, She is founder of and and was named as on of The Spectator’s Stars of Tomorrow.



Every morning the first thing I do is open my Netvibes account. This pulls all the stories from my favorite news sites (BBC, Mashable, Wired, TechCrunch, Telegraph, TheNextWeb). Not only does it pull in these news sites but it also pulls in my Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. The reason why i choose Netvibes over Google Reader is because of the layout format. It shows me all the sites in mini format, on one page just like a newspaper. It enables me to check all my news without having to leave the site.



As more and more people are becoming their own news outlets, Tweetdeck enables me to follow the streams of people i deem bring me important informative news about my industry. For example i follow Mike Butcher, iJusine and Robert Scoble’s Twitter feed to see what they are up to, who they are meeting and any links they share.

Twitter hashtags


Twitter search enables me to search for a topic or subject of interest eg. #iranelection Twitter search produces real time search results for the searched topics which enables me to find out what people are thinking/talking about right now on a topic.

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  1. jakrose

    Digging your description of Netvibes. Never tried it before, but I can see the appeal with bringing in Twitter/Facebook/Youtube and normal RSS all on one page. I plan on testing it out sometime soon.

  2. John Kochmanski

    Netvibes is a great. Here are some additional features that I like.

    – it allows you to create public facing pages to share information you feel others may find beneficial
    – easy sharing of feed topics to Netvibes, Facebook and Twitter or send to a friend via E-mail,
    – new drag-and-follow Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Widget. This allows you to click a hashtag or user name then drag it to create a new widget to more closely track topics of interest, for example.

    I think you'll dig it.

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