Export Twitter Friends and Followers To Excel

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Untitled Startup, now renamed to Simply Measured [http://simplymeasured.com/#take-tour], has impressed me as their RowFeeder monitoring solution evolved so quickly over the past year.

They take a no nonsense approach to building data tools for social media. Their products are built around Excel because they know that is what people use to try and build their own reports and stats. If you have not checked out any of their products, stop by and check out their trial.

Exportly, from the video above, is their new data export tool [http://export.ly]
Rowfeeder is their monitoring platform [http://rowfeeder.com]
Simply Measured is their new uber platform that pulls it all together [http://simplymeasured.com]

8 Responses

  1. Josh Chandler

    Jason,nnThis is a neat idea for a tool. I would guess that the analysing could consume the real data driven geeks to being inactive with their actual networks.nnStill interesting idea! :)

  2. Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Creating reports is somewhat a tedious task and it’s good that their are applications like this on the web that makes things easier.

  3. mhawksey

    If you’d rather have more control over this instead of going through a 3rd party you can also do something similar for free using google spreadsheets http://www.rsc-ne-scotland.org.uk/mashe/2011/03/export-twitter-followers/

  4. Mohan

    Nice idea

  5. Racmarketing

    I found that many of the API sites are no longer being maintained, I did however just find the site after a long search called contaxio and it will export your twitter followers quickly and free.  Contax.io

  6. Docteur Tweety

    Hello, if you don’t already know you can use the very user-friendly tool http://www.twexlist.com to get followers, followings and any twitter list to an Excel file.

  7. Joel CHAUDY

    You can use http://www.twexlist.com to export/download/backup twitter list of any twitter accounts

  8. Joel CHAUDY

    http://www.twexlist.com allows you to also export followers, friends and tweets of any twitter account.