The ULTIMATE Blogworld NYC Cheatsheet For Marketers (2011)

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I put together a Blogworld Guide For Marketers last year. It got tons of response and many people thanked me for pointing out some great sessions. So why not do it again?

The genesis of this post series came from Schneider Mike’s take on SXSW in 2010. Many people complained about the content, but Mike thought they just needed to work a little harder to find the good stuff. He was right.

In the spirit of making everyone’s Blogworld NYC 2011 experience better, here is my suggestions for “the good stuff.”

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Blogworld 201
Jason Keath, CC Chapman, David Armano, and Jim Tobin on the "How To Hire A Social Media Company" panel at Blogworld 2010 Las Vegas

9 BlogWorld Sessions For Marketers

These 9 sessions should fill up your notebook. Also, most of these sessions are focused early in the day. So if you need to get in late afternoon meetings, an early happy hour, some nice networking or all three, this should work for you just fine.

Make sure to sign up and save your schedule on the Blogworld Sched site.

And fair warning, I am highly recommending and highlighting my two sessions at Blogworld. I mean, it is my list after all.

TUESDAY, May 24th

1. Building Your Content Bubble
9:00AM to 10:00AM | Room: 1A08

David Murray of Regroup

Building your content bubble. This will help you understand the value of becoming a resource, and not just a news bulletin of your own messaging. This exercise will also get you thinking about not only what kind of content you should be providing, but how that content will really connect with people.


  1. How to increase traction and readership to your content
  2. How to effectively communicate with people through your content
  3. How to build a solid content foundation that will continue to grow

2. A New Influence, Anyone Can Become A New Media Giant
10:15AM to 11:15AM | Room: 1A08

Jason Keath of Social Fresh

Influence – a tricky topic that is definitely not new to marketing. From celebrity endorsements to modern blogger outreach, finding people who can help sway the consumer choice is a key toolset in advertising and public relations. What is new is the once gradual, and now rapid, shift in power from the few to the many, from the corporation to the consumer, and from the old media giants to the new media moms.


  1. Why you are thinking about influence wrong: influencers matter in more ways than you think
  2. 12 influencer types and how to find them
  3. How to build long term relationships with influencers that produce business results

Agencies and consultants need to take note of this shift, as new media relations will be a major product for social media service providers moving forward.

3. So You Want to Hire a Community Manager….
11:30AM to 12:30PM | Room: 1A06

Daniel Brostek, Lauren Vargas, Jim Storer, and David Spinks

Finding the right person to build, nurture and grow your community can be a challenge. Depending on the type of community and your goals, the necessary skills can vary widely. This panel of community strategists and practitioners will share their experiences and uncover strategies for hiring the right community manager for your community.


4. The Social Habit
9:00am – 10:00am | Room: 1Ao6

Tom Webster of Edison Research

This session will present new, unreleased data for 2011 on America’s adoption of social networking sites and services, with a detailed look at Facebook and Twitter usage, mobile social behavior, and location-based apps and services.

  1. Attendees will be the first to learn new data on social networking, location-based services and mobile behaviors from one of America’s most credible national research series.
  2. Attendees will also learn how the changes in mainstream adoption and usage of social media are going to impact the future of content creation and distribution, and will be presented with a number of actionable recommendations.
  3. Particular attention will be paid to mobile social usage, and attendees will leave with specific strategies to take advantage of mobile social behaviors from one of the leading analysts in consumer research.

5. Leads, Subscribers, and Sales: Bringing Action to Business Blogs
10:30AM to 11:30AM | Room: 1A08

Paula Berg of Linhart PR, Kipp Bodnar Hubspot, Josh Hallett Voce Connect, and Tom Martin of Converse Digital

Many businesses create blogs with little thought, planning, or thought to how their content will drive business results. Blogging is often much more difficult than using platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but can still produce big business wins with the right planning and resources. Join this expert business blogging panel to discuss how to get the best traffic to your business blog and how, once you have them on the blog, you can funnel that traffic to the right calls to action.

6. Game Mechanics And The Future of Loyalty
2:30pm – 3:30pm | Room: 1A06

Chris Mahl of SCVNGR, Schneider Mike of Allen & Gerritsen, Rajat Paharia of Bunchball, and Jason Keath of Social Fresh

Gamification has taken off over the last couple years as much more than a gameplay toolset and is increasingly being used in marketing campaigns and online communities. This panel will pull together agency and vendor thought leaders on the topic and will answer these questions and more:

  1. How have game mechanics been used in marketing to date?
  2. What are the top business results that game mechanics can help drive for a business?
  3. Does a business need to invest heavily in a large community or new tech to use game mechanics?
  4. What types of businesses can benefit the most from integrating game mechanics?
  5. What are the most common mistakes by marketers trying to leverage game mechanics?

7. Why Facebook News Feed Optimization (NFO) Matters to Marketers
3:45PM to 4:45PM | Room: 1A06

Bryan Person of LiveWorld, Chad Wittman of Edgerank Checker, Helen Todd, Dennis Yu of Webtrends

Stats show that 96% of Facebook users “Like” a fan Page and then never return. Instead, fans rely on the News Feed to show them the most relevant and interesting updates from the friends and businesses they’re connected to. As a marketer on Facebook, that means you HAVE to grab your fans’ attention in the News Feed to stay relevant. We’ll explore how you do just that in our panel discussion.

THURSDAY, May 26th

8. Developing a Digital Crisis Communications Plan
9:00AM to 10:00AM | Room: 1A08

Justin Levy of Citrix

During this session, attendees will understand why developing a digital crisis communications plan is vital for their businesses, even if not on an international scale, and how social media measuring tools can be used as the centerpiece of
their planning.  Topics that will be discussed include:

  1. Forming your Digital Crisis Communications Team – who should be included
  2. Developing an Escalation and Contact Flowchart – determine who needs to be notified and when
  3. Developing guidelines for what constitutes a crisis, sample responses and what should not be responded to
  4. Building teams to support in local language(s)
  5. Developing a monitoring schedule
  6. What needs to be reported, when and how often
  7. How a digital crisis communications plan integrates into an overall communications plan

9. The Brand Guide to Facebook’s New iframe Tabs
11:30AM to 12:30PM | Room: 1A06

Justin Kistner of Webtrends

The tabs on fan pages are an essential Facebook marketing tool. They are not only great for adding custom content for fans to discover, but they are ideal landing pages for Facebook ad campaigns. Now that Facebook has updated tabs to be iframes, it provides new opportunities and challenges for marketers.


What sessions did I miss?

Add your sessions or sessions you think would be valuable for marketers in the comments.

Look forward to seeing you at the event. If you want more tips from me, run into me at Blogworld by following my Foursquare checkins or Twitter updates.

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    The Cheat Sheet for Marketers is great if you’re sitting in on speakers.u00a0 What are THE must see exhibitors?u00a0u00a0 thanks!

  2. Jason Keath

    u00a0Good question. Had not thought of that addition. Will keep an eye out for the exhibitor list and see if I can add it on here. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. sue jenks

    Seriously not going to want to miss keynote by Jeffrey Hayzlett! u00a0Tues., 5pm. The perfect closing to a great conf.! nn////Edited by moderator to remove link

  4. David Spinks

    We’ll be giving demo’s of BlogDash at booth 304. u00a0Must see? I can’t say. But you should come say hi (=

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