10 Great Corporate Blogs

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Blogging is tricky. It is part information, part personality. Part entertainment, part education. There are so many directions to take a blog, many of which are not that entertaining or informative. One key stumbling block is we all like talking about ourselves, a lot, and as Chris Brogan points out, we might be addicted to giving our own opinions.

What do I like to see in a corporate blog?

  • self deprecation
  • humor
  • photos (please add some life to your posts)
  • video
  • interaction
  • update more often (I assume you guys come to work every day?)
  • talk about me not you (AKA solve my problems)

Who is Doing it Right?

10 Great Corporate Blogs

Zappos – The wild and woolly culture blog at Zappo’s is a great look inside of a fun company.


Southwest – Very true to the Southwest culture, this blog lives on service, family, and helping Southwest customers.


Marriott – No sexy design awards here, but the content is genuine and the community around the blog is strong.


GM – Strong in almost every category I can think of. Big splash, big content, rich media.


Quicken Loans – Quicken’s Whats the Diff blog is a nice mix of company culture and a dissection of “exposing the gap between average and excellent”. Stepping back to such a broad view is a unique a engaging strategy.


Vans – Heaping spoonfuls of culture here with plenty of video, photos, and stories about the consumers and celebrities that dig their shoes.


WordPress – Most of the WordPress blog success can be attributed to an understanding of the audience. They know their bloggers, they know what they love, they give it to them.


Sharpie – Sharpie truly embraces the creation their product allows. They do a great job of using rich media and telling engaging stories.


Kodak – To be fair, Kodak really does not even have to think about including photos. It is kind of required. But still, A Thousand Words really goes above and beyond to feature real Kodak consumers and fans.


PlayStation – Feeding the vast, rabid community that is video game enthusiasts is tough. For most, this blog might be a little overwhelming, but for PlayStation addicts, it is heaven.


Update: A couple people have pointed out this list is mostly B2C. Two responses to that, A) I agree and am on the lookout for a B2B list and B) It does not matter. A good blog is a good blog. People are people. The same rules apply. Mostly. [11-28-09]